The Mantrip Chronicles
The Mantrip Chronicles. This 'side' of the website is a BLOG. A place where we men can write longer articles about our favorite topics. Of course, featured are the recounted summaries of all past mantrips.
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Some photos from the past

Here are a couple of pics I found from past man trips. Have some others that I need to sort through. 

Big Canvas Music

In the years that I have been playing with GarageBand, I have been developing a few methods of creating/generating/writing music.  The technique I call the Big Canvas is as it sounds. I start off by thinking of the empty file like a large, blank canvas mounted on a frame.  The first step is to create a background as a visual artist w...


... and here is some text to go with the music. perhaps lyrics would be appropriate. Melting,I am melting.I'm dissolving back to earth from which I came.I am ice and I am snow,I've been frozen down below;there are things I do not know but I will claim.I am water, I am mud,I'm a drop within the flood and the river flows like blood through my veins.M...

Possible MT 43-2022: Sable Highlands Conservation Easement Tract

MT 2022 Sable Highlands Conservation Easement Tract Thinking about a possible MT site way up on the northern slope of the adks. It will need a scouting adventure to be sure that it is suitable but it looks like it could be a good place for us to check out. A bit far of a drive but good water, a decent climb and a short drive to bars.  Just an ...

Categorizing your post(s)

 A blog post must have at least one category in which it is listed. "The Chronicles" are reserved for descriptions of our annual trips. Other categories are for whatever else we men feel like writing. New categories can , and hopefully will be added as necessary. Articles may be listed in more than one category. 

Okay, I'm In.

hello, tom, And I found the blue button for getting started on this blogging stuff.  I have been playing around with this and have mixed feelings.  it is conceptually straightforward, using the idea of blocks of space that can be deployed on the page like text and pictures and such in newspapers.  but then certain buttons tend to wip...